Fundamentals of Languages
Narrative and Memory
Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum
Literary Research Methods
Literary Discourse
British Literature
American Literature
Professional Writing
Conflict and Community
Home and Away: Epics and Utopias
Uncovering Fairytales, Myth, Folktales, and Ghost Stories
Studies in Trauma Literature
Creative Writing
Critical Writing
African Literature
Literature of American Diversity
American Fiction
The Epic Tradition
Biographic Arts
Women in Literature and Psychology
Film and Literature
Victorian Literature
World Literature
Class and Culture in Literature and Film
Rebels in Literature and Music
Women's Literature
Short Story
The Age of Chaucer
The Age of Shakespeare
Literature Theory and Practice
History of the English Language
Problems in the Study of Gender and Sexuality
Hamlet and Critical Methods
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature
India in English
Decolonizing Drama and Performance in Africa
Disability Studies
Afro-American Literature
International Cinema
Asian Languages and Literature
Current Issue