Dichotomous Patterns of the Self-Perception in Palestinian – American Women Writing
Dina Abu Obaid

The present paper aims to examine the dichotomous patterns of the self-perception as presented in the works of Palestinian –American women writers. By presenting the novel West of Jordan ( 2003) written by Laila Halaby, as a representative work of current Palestinian American women literature, I examine the dichotomous patterns of self-perception, and how the writer handles the theme of split identity. After providing a general description of the characteristic features and themes through which different Palestinian American writers articulate the themes of split identity, I will illustrate the novel’s multiplied narrative views, characters, and narrators, focusing on the different Palestinians and Palestinian – Americans perceive irreconcilable Palestinian and American identities and realities.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v10n1a1