Learning English Through Interaction in an EFL Classroom
Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

It is generally accepted that classroom interaction is helpful for language learning. From my observation I have found that learners learn through interaction. Since Interaction is a broad term, I have focused a few elements of interaction. I have taken Long’s (1991) psycholinguistic perspective as my theoretical framework. The important part of this theoretical framework is how the learners learn through negotiation of meaning. Many things are included in the negotiation of meaning (like confirmation check, clarification check, reformulation, recast, repetition, etc.), but I have limited my discussion and research focusing on repetition and recast. Through observation and students interview I collected data. In my research I have analyzed data and tried to find out answer of two questions. First one is how does recast help learners learning correct English? And the second one is how does repetition help learners learning speaking skills and noticing errors? Through these questions I have tried to find out how my learners learn English through repetition and recast in the classroom.

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