Book Development for Effective Literacy Acquisition at Early Childhood Period
Ajayi Hannah Olubunmi

The purpose of the study was to evaluate some of the books which under-five children (0 -5 years old) in Nigeria are exposed to with the view to improving literacy level of children from early years through reading. Literacy is concomitant with human development, influencing every aspect of life. It should therefore be given adequate attention starting from the early years of children before it becomes difficult to inculcate. Books as a leverage to literacy development should therefore possess certain qualities to bring about the desired end (functional literacy) in children. The findings revealed that foreign-based books are the prominent ones available for children, which invariably reflected in the presentation of some concepts that are not familiar or that are culturally irrelevant to children’s environment. It is also showed that some genres (drama) are non-existent. Recommendations were given towards what will aid the development of functional literacy in children early in life through what may be regarded as good books.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v3n1a20