Poor English Pronunciation among Nigerian ESL Students; the ICT Solution
Mr. Ononiwu Mark Chitulu, Dr Queen U. Njemanze

The incidence of poor English pronunciation among Nigerian Students is an embarrassing situation which has defied a myriad of solutions. Also, the move from Received Pronunciation to Estuary English globally complicated issues. In recent times however, research and deep rooted studies in linguistic science has shown that IC T, a strong characteristic of the digital age, can come to the rescue. This paper x-rays the causes of poor English pronunciation, problems associated with this issue, and the ability of the digital age approach to pronunciation problems, to be the final arbiter to give the desired results. The employment of ICT in Linguistic Sciences over the years has yielded interesting results. This paper thus discusses the various digital age techniques used to combat poor English pronunciation among Nigerian students, and the wonderful input this can give to linguistic pedagogy in the area of spoken English.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v3n1a22