"The white Guard, white Dream...": Archival Materials as the Basis of Analysis and Interpretation of the Poetic Text (12 Words Max.)
Ekaterina Kudrjavceva, Anastasiia Timofeeva

Poetic texts absorbing the spirit of the age, reflecting the author's individual outlook and assessment of the events were always living witnesses of the epoch and age links. The book-cycle of M. I. Tsvetaeva "Swan mill" - "book of the century" and at the same time the poetic diary of the poet which is the key to the theme of the White movement in its diversity of lyrical motifs, the richness of the colour images and symbols reflected the world of the Russian revolution and the civil war of the twentieth century together with other poetic and prose texts forming the beginning of the century constructing some super text structure. The comparison of the archival materials (poetic texts in Basel manuscripts, preserved in the Fund of manuscripts of M. Tsvetaeva at the University of Basel) and published poems during the poet's lifetime, including publications in foreign periodicals revealed the changes in the poet’s attitude. The study was conducted on the basis of historical-cultural, historical, literary, bibliographical and linguistic components: the article discusses the creation and study of Tsvetaeva Fund, publication history of "Swan mill", analyzed the collabrasuite context of the book and the changes in its punctuation system and strophic organization and traced the ratio of metaphorical images with the real historical surroundings of Marina Tsvetaeva, whose specialty, by her own admission, was life.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v3n1a3