Different Interpretations of the Modern Era: Modernist Continuities and Discontinuities
Carmen Romero Sánchez-Palencia

The modern era is usually associated with discontinuity, chaos and disorganisation. While it is true that these characteristics are present in Modernisms, none of them is the authentic interpretative key, but rather the key to the past is the essential element. Modernisms find their sense in history, albeit they may be overlooked and not taken into account, or overcome, or bear fruit from what has happened. Hence, the importance of the past is the key to moving forward. There are many and varied authors who emerge, supported by the atmosphere of the period, and there are many styles and contents that artists develop through their works, which serve as a platform for individual exploration, because their aesthetic concept is beginning to expand now, and the modern 'I' is overriding the old 'we'. As one example of this, the aesthetic-literary theories of modernist Oscar Wilde are also worth studying.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v3n1a4