About Re-Creation Of Navoi’s Two Gazels In Russian And English
Shukurova Zilola Sodikovna

As the subject of our research work namely practical work is taken Alisher Navoiy’s three gazels and their translations. The research work aims for showing the importance of dealing with translation having known well ST (source text). The research work assures of impossibility of translation of poetry, especially gazels which belong to different type of languages. But a poet translator relying on his unique talent, artistic vision, knowledge background re-creates a poem. Let the poet obtain all those peculiarities, but if this translation lacks of pragmatic adaptation, if he doesn’t re-create phonetic means of ST, his translation wouldn’t attract readers’ attention. Coming to such decision we decided to cope with the task which has to show the role of immediate translation. And also we are looking forward to verifying peculiarities of arooz system, the sound of gazels which is mostly felt in the usage of radif (repeated in each line word), rhythm, and meter also used to create images. We know that Navoiy’s gazels attract Western poets, translators’ attention, they take interest in them and we deem our theoretical and practical work, will be used as a sample to create their own gazels in the native language.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v3n2a13