Gender issues discussed in Sri Lankan and Indian plays: Special reference to Edirivira Sarachcahndra’s ‘Maname’ and Jaishankar Prasad’s ‘Dhruvasvamini’.
P.V. Sashini Chandrasekara

The aim of this paper is to examine how gender issues were discussed by two different South Asian play writers through their plays: ‘Maname’ and ‘Dhruvsvamini’. Secondary research objectives are to examine their different approaches to solve above discussed gender issues as well as to examine the use of Buddhist concepts in the discussion of above endeavor. Edirivira Sarachchandra is a significant Sri Lankan dramatist who wrote ‘Maname’ (1956) to critique gender-relations in Sri Lankan society. Jaishankar Prasad is an Indian writer who wrote the play ‘Dhruvsvamini’ to criticize gender issues of Indian society. Literature survey has been conducted to analyze the plays. The outcome of this paper would be an exploration of gender issues discussed in Sinhala and Hindi dramas.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v4n1a18