Contemporary Men and Milieu: A Critical Study of Vibrant Works of Anita Desai
Dr. Ashok K. Saini, Ph.D

This research paper attempts to delineate and outline the Anita Desai as one of the most distinguished Indian novelists, short story writers, screenwriters, and children's writers. Desai is best known for her studies of Indian life and especially noted for her sensitive portrayal of the confidential verve of her female characters. A number of Desai's novels explore tensions between family members and the alienation of middle-class women. Desai is a contemporary indo-English writer, extensively acclaimed, not only in India but also in the world of fiction writing too. She appears on the literary horizon after independence, focusing on the contemporary issues. Desai has added a new dimension to the contemporary Indian English fiction. Desai explores the anguish of individuals living in contemporary society and she further deals with complexity of human relationships as one of her major theme, which is a universal issue, as it attracts worldwide readers to her novels. Above all, she demonstrates again and again how gender issues are central to politics and the nation as well as in the family. Consequently, Desai has academic severity and brilliant portrayals of world society, predominantly her assertion on the multicultural dimension of contemporary men and milieu.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v4n1a24