The Power of Short Stories, Novellas and Novels in Today’s World
Suhair Al Alami

The current paper highlights the significant role literature can play within EFL contexts. Focusing mainly on short stories, novellas and novels, the paper seeks to discuss five points. These are: main elements of a short story/novella/novel, specifications of a short story/novella/novel-based course, points for instructors to consider whilst dealing with a short story/novella/novel within EFL contexts, recommended approaches which instructors may employ in the EFL classroom whilst discussing a short story/novella/novel, and language assessment of EFL learners using a short story/novella/novel-based course. Having discussed the aforementioned points, the current paper proceeds to present a number of recommendations for EFL teaching practitioners to consider.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v4n1a3