Postmodernism and the Manifestation of Deride an Deconstruction in Barthelme’s ‘’the Glass Mountain’’
Sani Saidu Ibrahim

The present article aims at critical study of Barthelme`s ‘’The Glass mountain’’. The story under study is considered as one of the foundation of American postmodern fiction. Philosophically speaking, the paper argues that Barthelme`s ‘’The Glass mountain is the manifestation, vindication and declaration of Deride deconstruction. To take the argument further, at the center of deconstruction is the belief that ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ is provisional or relative; thus, the story is aimed at establishing the basic principles of deconstruction. It is also obvious that absurdity, fragmentation, illogical narration found in the story is clearly to vindicate deconstruction’s notion that flux, instability, inconsistency are inevitable in any given structure. The paper, however, does not concern with the content of the text, rather, the focus is on the philosophical angle, with emphasis on showing the relationship between the text’s view of reality and deconstruction’s notion of ‘deference’. While engaging in this critical study, deconstruction as a literary theory will be employed.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v4n1a34