A Place in Memory Spatial Features in the House on Arnus Square
Magdalena López Pérez

This paper presents both the pro and con sides of online developmental education courses. On the pro side, it argues how professionals in the field support online developmental learning due to its ability to familiarize students with innovative computer technology and virtual communication skills of the Twenty-First Century, and also its ability to cater to the busy, nontraditional student who is 25 years and over within the professional workforce who experience difficulty committing to traditional face-to-face classroom learning. On the con side, this paper argues how online developmental courses would be a major barrier to the learning process due to frequent technological issues encountered by the student, the temptation to engage in academic dishonesty, and also the developmental students’ special need for intimate, structured, and nurturing face-to-face instruction. The paper features scholarly, theoretical support for the ideas presented, and logically presents these ideas in an effort to cohesively, professionally, and holistically present the views on both sides of this controversial argument that currently dominates the field of developmental education.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v4n1a6