Towards Improvement of Learning Arabic in Nigeria
Kamil Adeleke Adeyemi (Ph.D.)

Islam as a religion and Arabic as a language have contributed greatly to world civilization and culture. In Nigeria, formal education is either in Western or Islamic in nature. This is the reason why Arabic as a subject is included in the curriculum of many schools in Nigeria. It is true that, to many Nigerians, Arabic is the third or fourth language to be learnt. Like any other language or subject, Arabic has its problems and attractions. As amodern language, it has many advantages like English, French or German. It is a living language in both spoken and written forms. The attraction and needs for this language outweigh the difficulties encountered in studying it. The problems are ephemeral that can be removed if the various hands and authorities concerned with the teaching can cooperate to develop interest and give it the required encouragement. Teachers, governments, individuals as well as Arab countries have great roles to play in the improvement of Arabic Studies in Nigerian schools.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n1a16