The Quest for Self-Identity: An Existential View in Sudha Murty’s The Mother I Never Knew
K.A. Vilasini, Dr. X. John Paul

The paper showcases the theme of quest for self in Sudha Murty’s The Mother I Never Knew. It defines the term Identity and Existentialism in the Indian context. The study of relationship in the family and how it plays a significant role in identifying one’s identity are exposed in the paper. The contradiction between the tradition and the modern world, the realistic and material world are displayed in depth with the life of Venkatesh and Mukesh in The Mother I Never Knew. The paper attempts to exhibit the concept of realization of self through sacrificing and helping others. Hence the purpose of life and meaningful existence can be achieved.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n1a6