Limits of Reading as an Ideological Ritual (A Case of Reading Albanian Contemporary Poetry)
Dr. Ermir Xhindi, Erjona Xhindi

What causes the reading crisis in today's Albanian literature, especially in poetry? Can there be a sufficient structure of interconnected causes which might produce a possible explanatory model? We are trying to find answers using a hybrid Eco (Umberto) - Fish (Stanley) model, ranging from radical structuralism to pure phenomenology. Despite of reasonable theoretic doubts, the structural formula of Eco as the inimitable semiotic rationalization on poetic text and the structure of experience on the finished fictional text offered by Fish, as a process at a time, construct an open, liberal and less speculative instrument than usual. His exploitation has allowed us to discover a relative limit where literature leads its relationship with reading, asking the reader to decide whether there is a literary text or not. What happen with the reader and the reading this circumstances? We found that during a process, when the reader is urged to making decisions, the structure of his identity faces significant changes that critically condition his relationship with literary text. The new poetry ends usually as a counterpart of socialist realism, as an ideological act which banishes the reader and destroys the reading.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n2a1