Life Philosophy Values of Buginese Makassarese in the Novel PULAUby Aspar Paturursi (A Genetic Structural Review)
Syarifuddin Tundreng, Emzir, Ninuk Lustyantie

The purpose of this study was to gain insight regarding to life philosophy values of Buginese Makassarese in the novel Pulau by Aspar Paturusi completely and intact, in terms of social conditions of a community. This study used a qualitative approach with content analysis method. Data were collected through repeated and profound readings on the novel. Subsequently, recording, coding, identification, and classification were made. Data were analyzed and interpreted through deep understanding and abstraction on the social conditions. The research findings showed that the social condition of the society of the 1970s, the values of Buginese Makassarese’s life philosophy were highly preserved, maintained, upheld, so that they could live harmoniously and peace. The condition is in the form of customs, the concept of manhood, honor of Buginese Makassarese women, mythology in the belief, and awareness of Buginese Makassarese society towards education.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n2a10