Chinese learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and Cultural Challenges
Fernandes, Gomes Maria da Graça

Framed in the context of Macao and, in particular, in the specific context of the School of Languages and Translation of Macao Polytechnic Institute, this study aims to determine which representations students bring about Portugal, the culture and native speakers before starting learning Portuguese, but also the opinion they have formed all along the learning process and, in particular, after one year immersion program, in Leiria (Portugal). To achieve these objectives, a survey was carried out, with a year 1 students’ group (N=32) and a second with year 4 group (N=29). The results confirm that these students belong to what Hofstede (2010) defined by a collectivist society. However, the fact that there is a strong sense of belonging and identification with the group does not prevent learners to feel excited about learning this foreign language and want to understand new ways of thinking, expressing themselves and taking action.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n2a15