Defining the Role of Assessing Strategies to Evaluate Individual Language Differences within ESP Students
Ali Siddiqui, Rosy Illyas, Rehana Ali Jokhio

The paper focuses to present an unavoidable relation of assessment with evaluation within an ESP course. This relation is principled to visualize a criterion of an ESP learner, who is possessed with different individual language skills. The four language skills, namely; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are in themselves unique to their essence within individual ESP learner. Therefore, every ESP learner who is taking a course must need to be assessed within these skills in order to qualify the course and become eligible for required demand of job employment. Along with this, there are other necessary factors within an ESP learning like; psychological stability and available resources. These are necessary for successful functioning of learning as well as teaching process within an ESP course. These factors also need to be evaluated for the beneficial outcome of course. Therefore, the significance of assessment and evaluation within an ESP design cannot be denied.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v5n2a16