Critical Analysis of Knud Illeris’ How We Learn: Learning and Non-Learning in School and Beyond: A Look at Learning within the Diverse Realm of Education
Philip Ray Jones, Ph.D.

In this essay, Illeris provides his readers insight into the multifaceted levels of learning, which occurs across the broad range of educational, professional, and private settings that have become staples of the American education sphere. He challenges his audience to acknowledge not only the diverse settings in which adults learn, but also the unique and creative manner in which they learn, ultimately resulting in a high level of transformative learning among adults. Moreover, this essay also highlights the insightful theoretical perspectives of notable authors, educational theorists, and scholars of adult education and learning theory including Paulo Freire, Jean Piaget, Sharan .B. Merriam, Rosemary S. Caffarella, Kathleen Taylor, and Annalee Lamoreaux in an effort to provide a professional level of insight into the multifaceted levels of learning that dominates American culture, as well as the innovative research across the vast field of education that supports contemporary learning, and pedagogical practices within the diverse realm of education.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n1a12