Search for Self in Albee’s the Zoo Story
Kadhim Hatem Kaibr, Dr. Guo Jingjing

One of the important things that made Albee a significant figure in the history of American theater is that all his literary works address the issues being faced by the individual and the state of American society after the Second World War. In his literary works, Albee criticized the new material state that prevailed in the American society during his period and called for adherence to the values and ideals in human relationships. This paper will attempt to analyze the Albee’s first play, The Zoo Story, particularly the character of Jerry,. Then explores the reasons for the anxiety, psychological disorders, and loneliness felt by this character. This paper also will attempt to explore the sense of loss as well as describe the impact of the absence of family role and the American materialistic society on the behavior of the individual.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n1a14