Neological Developments in Nzema Proverbs
John Nyame, Cecilia Tomekyin

This paper is a descriptive qualitative study which examines some recent Nzema3 proverbs that have come up as a result of the departure from their original forms. These Nzema proverbs have come about for several reasons. Some arise from simple apophthegms4 and platitudes which over time are raised to the status of a proverb. Others have emerged from the symbolic or metaphoric use of an incident; some are based on a story or fable, while others are variations of existing proverbs. Others also come about as a result of things in the environment. Yet there are others that come about as a result of the observations of the habits of men and others triggered by the conditions of life. For example; „Wͻammaaɛgͻnwoampɛangͻ a, ɛmpԑɛndwu’ which is literally translated as, if you prevent your friend from passing, you will not cross either,has been discussed in this paper. Definitions, origins and moral lessons given by some scholars are discussed in this paper as well. The differences and similarities of the recent and traditional Nzema proverbs as well as the message they seek to put across are also considered in this paper.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n2a11