Longing for an Emotional Fulfillment: A Critical Study of Biyot Projna’s Palmful of Stars
Dr. Monica Joshi, Dr. Muhannad R N Sabha

Biyot Projna Tripathy is an Indian writer who writes in Oriya, a regional language. Palmful of Stars is her self-translated, rather trans created short story through which she can reach out to more people. Aanjula was translated by her into English as Palmful of Stars in 2015, nearly five years after the „original‟ was published. Whether she writes in a native, regional, or foreign language is not significant. What matters is the common link or the identification. She makes an effort to portray sensitive issues considered taboo. Such writings are significant development, not only in modern regional fiction, but also Indian writing in English. The story deals with the experiences that women face in their family and outside, and is woven around the heroine. This subject has been dealt with by creative writers in all times. The writer has a critical view of the life around her, as she has an exposure to different societies, inside and outside the country. Minute details are depicted wonderfully from a woman‟s point of view. This kind of writing is factual, i.e., true to life. The main focus of the present paper is how the heroine bears the weight of many sexual abuses and longs for an emotional fulfillment. She desperately needs it. How she cannot evade memories of these bad experiences, the same way she cannot evade the memories of love. Unfulfilled desire is presented here. The intention is also to see the contemporary picture of feministic writing.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n2a5