Interconnectivity between the Female Writers’ Novels and Their Autobiography: Nawal al-Sa'dawi as a Sample
Hanan Bishara, Ph.D.

This article deals with Interconnectivity between the Woman's Novel and Autobiography of the Woman Writer. The study chose the novels of Nawal Al-S'adwai autobiography as a sample to deal this theme. In Nawal Al-Sa'dawi's autobiography, the writer did not fear to talk about her personal life or to reveal the hidden experiences in her life. Nawal Al-Sa'dawi talked about the 'female' and her suffering, when talking was forbidden in Egypt. She talked about society's encroachments and treatment of the woman as a weak creature. Her novels repeatedly talked about the woman's suffering, revealed the hidden facts and uncovered the invisible and the unseen by people's eyes and minds. Actually, she put her finger on the wounds in the woman's physical and spiritual entity. This approach that Al-Sa'dawi adopts was intended to be a cry to the reader's conscience to help her to stop the injustice that has been done to the woman and therefore, her texts deal with these contents. When we read Al-Sa'dawi's texts, we realize that her autobiography is connected most to these issues.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n2a6