“Treatment of Love in the Play Wedding Album”
Akanksha Watts

Man has been seeking something throughout the ages beyond himself, beyond material welfare something we call truth or love or reality or relationship or partner to share all his thoughts, a timeless state- something that cannot be disturbed by circumstances, by thoughts or by human corruption. We human beings have- colossally greedy, envious, aggressive, jealous, anxious and despairing with occasional flashes of joy and affection from millions of years. Each one of us is the storehouse of all the past. Where we can associate legendary stories with display time (Kalyug) where Karnad discusses craziness, duty, generosity, treatment of love, dreams and wants and numerous different things. This research mainly focuses upon The Treatment Of Love in the selected play of Girish Karnad. Here I am going to highlight the love triangles formed between the characters as per Robert J. Sternberg’s theory "A Triangular Theory of Love".

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v6n2a9