Motivation and Attitudes towards Learning English among Saudi Female English Majors at Dammam University
Dr. Ahmed Al-Oliemat

The aim of this quantitative study was to investigate Saudi female English majors' motivations (instrumental, integrative, and personal) and attitudes towards learning English at Dammam University.A further secondary purpose of the current study was to assess if there were any statistically significant correlations between motivation/attitude and achievement realized through participants GPAs. A questionnaire based on Gardner's (1985), Flaitz (1988), and Cooper and Fishman (1977) was adapted and modified to suit the purpose of the study. The results obtained from the questionnairewere statistically analyzed using SPSS version 21.The results showed that female English majors at Dammam University have positive attitudes towards learning English and towards English people and their culture as well. Concerning the types of motivation Saudi female English majors have for learning English, the results of the study showed that they are equally motivated instrumentally and integratively. Further, concerning the personal motivation, it was found to be significant and second to those for instrumental and integrative motivations. The results also showed that there was no statistically significant correlation between participants' attitudes/motivation on the one hand,and their achievement and demographic variables(Academic year, schooling background, number of languages spoken, and GPA) on the other.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v7n1a15