Exploring the ‘Romantic in Emily Bronte’s Poetry: An Analysis’
Dr. Mahameed Mohammed

Taking off from the recent renewed interest in this elusive writer of a considerably meager output but with such an immense reputation. This paper is an attempt to place, and simultaneously to question, Emily Bronte’s position within the Romantic tradition of literary studies. Working the way through the relatively unexplored terrain of her poetry, the analysis seeks to suggest that the erstwhile Gondal Chronicles, from which her collected poems have been culled, pre-empts the magnum-opus, WutheringHeights, and therefore they can be used as intertextual converging points that pre-figure Emily Bronte’s romantic ramifications. Besides the insightful ways in which her poetry relates with the Romantic concepts of WutheringHeights, in itself, it is enough proof of her creative imagination.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v7n1a20