Albaha University Students' Attitudes towards Code-switching in Formal Setting
Dr. Osama Yousif Ibrahim Abualzain

This study aims at investigating Albaha University students' attitudes towards code switching in classroom setting. To fulfill the task, thirty students at Faculty of Sciences and Arts -English Department -Almandaq were chosen as a sample of this study. Moreover, seven teachers were consulted to express their own point of views and explain their experiences in code switching inside the classroom. The study adopts the quantitative method. Direct observations, and questionnaires for both the students and the teachers were employed to collect the data for this study. The outcome of this study shows remarkable satisfaction from the students as well as the teachers in employing code switching as a strategy to facilitate learning and teaching process and understanding the target language clearly.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v7n1a8