The Impact of Globalization, Arabization, and Englishization on Translation in the Arab World
Batool Hendal

Globalization is an outcome of crossing national and cultural boundaries over the ages, this ongoing process of eliminating national boundaries between countries with the assistance of telecommunication has encouraged interactions among nations and individuals without understanding each other’s language, which makes language a barrier instead of a means of communication. Hence, a need for a global language has arisen to eliminate the communication barriers between people and nations in this global era. This global language or the lingua franca requires some modifications in order to be simpler, safer, and more economic.This exploratory paper aims at understanding the concept of globalization, its correlation with English as a lingua franca, and the impact of globalization on the field of translation. In addition, to its cultural impaction the Arab world and the main linguistics impacts of that affecting the usage of Arabic language. The examples provided will be from the Arab region in general and specifically from the State of Kuwait when applicable.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v7n2p3