A Lingvo-Psychological Portrait of a Literary Character
Anna Klokova

The modern state of humanitarian science is featured by two main principles – anthropocentrism and interdisciplinary. The object of any research is broadened because of a constant integration of different sciences such as literature, culture, language, history, etc. The study given also has a complicated object as it embraces language, psychology and literature. There is no established model for interpreting a literary text in the view of its characters‟ description. Different studies propose their own approach. The present article gives, to our mind, a systematic and a comprehensive one that combines linguistics and psychology. The article is devoted to the deep study of the correlation between speech and psychological features of a literary character. The method of constructing a character‟s portrait suggested in the article may be used in teaching practical skills of text interpretation and discourse analysis. Thus, the main conclusions and materials can be a part of English stylistics course.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v8n1a6