The Collapse of Western Metaphysics: Covid-19 and Digital Literacy
Salim E. Al-Ibia

This research deals with the aftermath of Covid-19 and its impact over some aspects of western metaphysics such as literacy and the human freedom. Speech has been privileged over writing for hundreds of years in the western thought. The human freedom is also considered a main pillar of the western metaphysics. These key aspects of western metaphysics have been challenged and questioned seriously by Poststructuralists and Marxists who argue for privileging the written form of words over utterances and the false status of human freedom. Although these issues have been subjects for rigorous debate in modernism and poststructuralism, western metaphysics has never been challenged, as it is the case since Covid-19 has broken out few months ago. The pandemic has forced us to adopt new habits, which have ultimately changed and demolished some basic aspects of western metaphysics. The human freedom, literacy, digital literacy and student-teacher relationship before and after Covid-19 are reevaluated and reconsidered to show the devastating consequences of the pandemic over western metaphysics.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v8n2a10