Use of Citation Forms in Academic Writing of Thai Undergraduates
Saowadee Kongpetch

This study investigated the use of citation forms in 15 academic essays written by 15 third year English majors studying in a public university in the northeast of Thailand .Adopting Swales ’(1986 )categorization, the employed citation forms were analyzed and categorized into two types: integral and non-integral .The results revealed that non-integral citations were more often used than integral citations and the dominant pattern of integral citations is verb controlling .The difficulties experienced by the students in integrating sources into their essays included 1 )lack of familiarity with the language of citations and 2 )unawareness of the dialogic nature of academic writing .The results indicated that Thai EFL students lack awareness of citation forms and their rhetorical functions. Consequently, they could not utilize them appropriately in their essays .The results highlight the need for explicit teaching about citation forms and their functions in the classroom to enhance their academic writing skills in producing quality academic essays .

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijll.v9n1a1